Patients coming from other countries are facing problems with dental healthcare 

Many patients are more concerned about the look of their teeth than their health.
On social media channels people have expressed their discontent with Finnish dental care system. According to experts, there are multiple factors contributing to the situation.

Esraa Saed Ismaeel

Riband Kurd

Published 04.03.2024 12:53

The discussion on social media regarding Arabic speakers sharing their experiences in dental health has revealed dissatisfaction with healthcare provided by government municipalities.  

One of the complaints is for example, that doctors don’t have enough time for the patient. 

Mariam El-Shamaly, a dental nurse, acknowledges the problem. She works in public dental health care in Vantaa. 

At her work she is helping patients with immigrant background. 

“The limited time allocated for each patient, coupled with long queues, poses challenges for healthcare providers in delivering comprehensive care.” 

Another significant obstacle with immigrant patients is the language barrier. 

“Patients, especially those from different cultural backgrounds, often struggle to explain their conditions due to language disparities.” 

Patients lack knowledge of dental health 

Nogch Aziz has worked for almost 20 years as a dental nurse and dental hygienist in the public and private service sectors. 

According to Aziz, one of the common problems patients coming from other countries face is the lack of awareness regarding dental health.  

“Mothers should be taught to take care of their children’s teeth. Milk teeth pave the way for permanent teeth. Also the need for orthodontics diminishes.”  

“It is imperative to bridge this cultural gap, emphasizing that teeth are intended to last a lifetime and play a pivotal role in overall well-being.” 

Neglecting regular check-ups can result in severe consequences, such as gum inflammation that can, in worst case, lead to a tooth loss.